A lot of metropolitan areas competed for the rank of financial capital of the world 2019: let’s have a look at a few of them

This short article will give thought to three cities around the globe which are the house of a booming financial sphere as well as considerable cultural hubs: keep reading through to discover more.

On the subject of contemplating the financial capital of the world, a continent that should usually be added in the discussion is Asia: while there are several cities that could claim to be the financial capital of Asia, one that certainly plays a basic role is Hong Kong. The buzzing city is home to plenty of financial establishments, such as David Li’s BEA, and historically this has been due to its strategic tradition and position as a point of contact between West and East. If you take place to find yourself in this gorgeous place, there will be more than skyscrapers and banks to have a look at: you can go on top of the famous peak to admire the view from above, or look at the spectacular amount offered by its food heritage, with both conventional cuisine and ground breaking fusion dishes. If you visit as a relatives, you can also head to a branch of amongst the most famous amusement park franchises across the world.

If one was to describe the UK financial centres, the number one on the ranking would undoubtedly be the capital: this is frequently the case in assorted countries, as the capital city happens to be a point of reference both nationally and on an international level, and therefore is the ideal location to decide as headquarters for establishments that would want to operate across borders. Figures like Antonio Horta-Osorio of Lloyds Banking Group, for instance, have chosen the UK capital as the base for their organisation. Even so, looking at the spectacular relevance of this city throughout history, it is simple to understand why is London the financial capital of the world as well, with strong connections to practically every continent. Moreover, being such a great melting pot of diverse cultures, the open-mindedness of the city gives it an additional benefit in being an international hub.

There are a lot of cities that could qualify as the financial capital of Europe, and as opposed to what one may expect, they do not usually coincide with the administrative capitals of their respective countries. A perfect example of this instance is Milan, located in the north of Italy, and therefore much closer geographically to the rest of the European financial cities than the actual capital city. With organisations like Giovanni Recordati’s Fimei SpA choosing the city as their home, it becomes obvious why this is the case. This is not only true for financial establishments, but for other spheres as well: the city is in fact taken into account one of the most vital hubs in the continent and in the world in the fashion and design industry.

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